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Merida (from Disney’s Brave) by Tina Rybakova

Photographed by Dasha Kond

 ”I need a bear for my cosplay. You need a what? A bear. 5 years, an exotic pet license, and 15,000 dollars later we get this. Dedication…”

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Princess Deadpool by Hailey Boe

Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you the winner of Halloween 2013.

Everyone else may now go home.


Halloween Night

Hailey made an addition to her costume, glasses. Her dad wears glasses and she told me that she wants to be just like her daddy.

We had a great night and she trick or treated until I dropped. Her candy haul was more than enough candy for a three year old.

To top it off, instead of saying “trick or treat” she constantly yelled “Chimichanga!” In suburbia, nobody has any idea what dead pool is until a little girl comes knocking at their door and has to explain it to them, “He’s kind of like Spider-Man except usually he just laughs at Spider-Man because he is silly!”

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Tiny Princess Captain America finally outgrew her dress, so this Halloween, it was time for her long-promised Tiny Princess Thor! I think she might like this one better…it has a sparkly cape, after all. Also a hammer. (“What do you hit with the hammer at daycare, Tiny Princess Thor?” “*pause* I don’t know.” “Nothing! You hit nothing with the hammer!”) (She did not, in fact, hit anything with the hammer at daycare. Though she did cry when they had the kids change out of their costumes after their Halloween party, because she wanted to keep wearing her dress.)

Oh, and Big Tiny Princess Thor and Big Tiny Princess Captain America have a message for Iron Man…


~Tiny Princess Thor made by Bright Copper Penny
~How to Make a Tiny Princess Superhero Dress, at my blog
~Hair wings, gauntlets, and cape are from my Lightning Bolt costume; patterns by TabbyTally, and Betsy respectively

Once Upon a Time” by (Miss) Maddie

Photographed by Wendi Riggens

Princess Leia (from Star Wars: A New Hope) by Breckyn

Photographed by Stephanie of auburnSoul Photography

Snow White (from Disney’s Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs) by Tamasina Beansun

Photographed by OtonoEterno

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Steampunk Snow White by jojo.edtan

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