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Psylocke cosplay by Jenifer Ann

Photos by Insane Pencil 

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Mystique (from X-Men First Class) by Some Like It Blue

Photographed by Skiffy



I’m pretty sure Siffy and I found the perfect location for an X-Men shoot.  Just saying.  ;)

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This is Princess Dead Pool. My 3 year old told me EXACTLY how she wanted the costume to look and walked me through the entire thing, bossing me around. It was so much fun.


am i the only one kind of turned off by the fact that somebody is letting their 3 year old know about Deadpool?

a foul mouthed, murderous, psycho anti-hero?

even if it’s all “properly supervised and explained”, come on dude?

or is this one raised on the child friendly, silly deadpool that’s featured in the ultimate spiderman cartoon?

She learned about dead pool at Emerald City ComiCon. She said, “Mama that looks like spiderman!” We explained to her who he was and then had her watch the ultimate spiderman cartoon. 

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Princess Deadpool by Hailey Boe

Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you the winner of Halloween 2013.

Everyone else may now go home.


Halloween Night

Hailey made an addition to her costume, glasses. Her dad wears glasses and she told me that she wants to be just like her daddy.

We had a great night and she trick or treated until I dropped. Her candy haul was more than enough candy for a three year old.

To top it off, instead of saying “trick or treat” she constantly yelled “Chimichanga!” In suburbia, nobody has any idea what dead pool is until a little girl comes knocking at their door and has to explain it to them, “He’s kind of like Spider-Man except usually he just laughs at Spider-Man because he is silly!”

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Domino by BadLuck_Kitty

Photographed by Ecks Photography

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Black Widow (from The Avengers) by Sarah Lee

Photographed by Arval Photography

Ultimate Iron Man and War Machine by BlackLink2811 (Prizmatec Cosplay)

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Iron Man Helmet (Mark III-IV-VI) by Pannaus Props